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Dr Koshy George

Meet the friendly staff at Southfork Animal Hospital!

Koshy George
Veterinarian and Director

Dr. Koshy is one of the experienced veterinarian and director of Southfork Animal Hospital. He completed his veterinary school in 1991 and worked as a mixed animal veterinarian for 12 years abroad.

He took his Master’s in Business administration in 2000 and was involved with multiple provincial projects abroad. He got his Registered Veterinarian title in 2007 and thereafter he worked as a small animal veterinarian in 2 busy clinics in Alberta. His major area of interest is small animal clinical medicine and he got training from University of Guelph, Ontario. He partnered in Clareview Casselman Pet clinic and Montrose Pet Clinic to make the project a reality. He enjoys life with his family in west Edmonton.

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